There are three types of people in this world…

(don’t you hate it when people try to micro-categorize??)

  1. The people that are content with an average life. Those people that on the surface will act like life is just peachy, but only see their friends once a month and then complain about life and work and bills and yada yada….
  2. The same type of people as above, but not content. They live that life but don’t know how to escape it. They itch for something more but the idea of trying new things, getting hurt, or wasting money is enough to turn them away.
  3. Us. The people that know to our bones, we are meant for something greater. We sit at desks and go to work all week long, dreaming of the next adventure. We throw homework and tests to the wayside in favor of finding the next thrill or seeing the best view. Money is tight but we’d rather spend it on new backpacks, collapsible cups, and the latest-greatest-lightest gear on the market, than try to keep up with the Jonses.

This is our life, in photos and short stories. What started as a chance to see landscape different than what surrounds our daily lives, led to escaping the confines of monotony and giving ourselves a chance to grow.


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